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         My name is Bobby Alexander and I'm the owner of 4 Corner Fingerboards I wanted to take a second to tell you about myself and why I started this site.  I grew up on Galveston Island in Texas.  As a kid I surfed and swam in the Gulf of Mexico and rode a plastic banana skateboard on Galveston Island's seawall. Skateboarding for me in the early 80's was more about transportation than learning to do new tricks.

  When skateboarding blew up in the mid 80's the plastic banana boards were out and crazy new wood decks with graphics were in. Along with the expensive skateboards found at skate shops the department stores began to fill up with cheaper versions of the new decks. Galveston is a tourist town so there was no shortage of skateboard shops but the price of the new decks always kept these name brand boards out of my grasp.

  I remember trying to buy, steal, or borrow every skateboard magazine I could find as a kid and never reading the articles. I just wanted the ads with the small  pictures of the full sized decks. The graphics were so cool I remember just being amazed at how clear they were even in a magazine. My friends and I would cut out the pictures carefully, cover them with clear tape and make "fingerboards".  At that time we didn't call them fingerboards,we just called them little skateboards and we played with them for fun.

  Around 2005 or so I started noticing Tech Decks at local stores. They immediately caught my eye I liked the detail of the trucks and wheels. The graphics were really nice but I didn't recognize many names at first. I would check out the TD's from time to time after a while I started to notice more names I recognized like Santa Cruz, Powell and Dogtown. I bought a few but just to keep in the package and display.

  For no particular reason being bored on youtube one day I typed in Tech Decks. I couldn't believe how far people had taken something that I and everyone I knew did as a kid. I was amazed at the tricks people did and the detail of everthing. I saw how many dedicated people there are in fingerboarding and I wanted to be part of it.  I was hooked and fingerboarding was definitely back for me.

The only problem I saw in fingerboarding was it seemed way too expensive to get into. With complete fingerboard set-ups easily costing $50 plus. I started researching how the major fingerboard companies produced there decks, and found I could have similar decks made for a fraction of the price they charge. The decks are made the same way as full size skateboards with metal molds and hydraulic presses. It took some time and research but eventually I got my products together and launched We exist to provide high quality fingerboard accessories at a good value.

                                                 Bobby Alexander



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